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19 Nov 2018

Liberty Head Nickel Found

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Hello again guys. Today I got a new box of nickels, and I am still searching through it, but I just found a pretty cool coin. I opened up the roll, and it looked like nothing cool was in it from looking on the side, but then when I looked through it more carefully, I found a 1910 Nickel. I would say that it is in G-4 condition, so it's not amazing, but still a pretty awesome find. I will update you if I find anything more. Thanks for reading.



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Level 5

Nice find; congrats! Believe it or not, I actually found a 1942 Mercury dime in the reject bin of the Coinstar machine at a local Walmart yesterday. I won't tell you which one though, user_47175, only because I know you also live in my city!! :) But seriously, to everyone, always check the reject bin/slot of those Coinstar machines. They often reject 90% US silver coins because they don't match the weight for the post-1964 coins. 90% silver dimes weigh 2.5 grams; the clad/copper-nickel dimes weigh 2.27 grams. Since the 1942 dime I found was still in decent condition (about a VF-30) it still weighed over 2.27 grams, and got rejected by the machine because it didn't recognize it as being a "real" US dime. This is just one more way out there for all of us to find silver coins in circulation - good luck hunting, everybody (especially during a time of year when people are cleaning out their piggy banks; those Coinstar machines should be receiving a lot of obsolete coinage these days!!) -Sam Gelberd, ANA Numismatic Educator.


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What a cool find! Congrats!


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Thanks everyone


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I disagree. I think it is amazing.. Great find.. Happy hunting..

It's Mokie

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Anytime you find any coin from 1910, you have done very well. Keep up the hunting, and keep us posted.


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What a find! I would have liked to see a pic of a coin in circulation 118 yrs.


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Great find. It's not the grade but the coin itself that makes you feel good. You can find coins any were check your change. Mike

Great find, I am so unlucky when CRH nickels, have not found anything useful yet. Great to hear it though.


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Thanks, I hope you manage to find some good coins next time you hunt.

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