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08 Feb 2019

Need help finding info on this coin

| user_47175

Hello, I recently found this coin in an uncleaned lot, and I think identified it. I could only find it from an ANS list of ancient greek AE 19 coins. I found no other coin that looked as similar to this coin as this one. I looked on wildwinds, a weber coin book, agora auction archives, romanumismatic auction archives, and coinarchives and couldn't find anything like this. I found 1 vcoin sale of a coin with the same description, but no picture. Both came from the BMC collection, a collection of scarce greek coins. Here is a link to the ANS page, and the auction where they bought it from. My coin's photos will be attached. Thanks everyone.

Sorry for poor obverse photo, I will update that soon.
Link to same coin on ANS 



Level 3

It's a Greek, but it's pretty far gone. Unless someone has an immediate recognition of the basic devices of the coin, pinpointing this one is going to be difficult considering the condition. On the inscription, I see what MAY be "AXAI". Long shot: Achaia in the Pelopennesos? Worth a shot.


Level 6

Could ANS possibly help with this? I'm sure an ancients expert would know

What you have has apparently been buried, possibly for centuries. But Ancient collectors are a patience lot, and a great community, so hang in there.


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You got me? I have no idea other than it's ancient and very cool! Good luck on researching it.


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Update, I found a new page of the coins, and two examples on coin archives. https://en.numista.com/catalogue/index.php?mode=simplifie&p=1&l=&r=Tetrachalkon&e=&d=&ca=3&no=&i=&v=&m=&a=&t=&dg=&w=&u=&f=&g=&tb=y&tc=y&tn=y&tp=y&tt=y&te=y&cat=y


Level 6

Good luck in identifying the coin.

Wow that looks old and definitely worn. Specialty clubs are probably our best bet.

It's Mokie

Level 6

You might try reaching out to one of the ANA member clubs. The best hope would seem to be the American Israel Numismatic Association Inc. Just look under the club list and use Ancient as your search parameter, their club information is at the top of the list.


Level 7

I don't collect those coins. There is an image so you have a good chance of making sure what it is. I don't think a regular dealer could identify it but you never know. Try the ANA library I mean they have 29000 books. Tell them what your looking for they will help you. Mike.

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