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11 Dec 2018

Nero Dupondius

Ancient Coins | user_47175

Hello, I recently won an auction for this cool coin. It's a Nero Dupondius from 65 AD. I think it's so amazing to have a piece of history from 2000 years ago.



Level 4

Incredible coin!!! Beautiful!!!!

What a nice piece. Great portrait. You can date the coin from the TRP number, as most Emperors held the office annually. It was not a crime to assassinate the Emperor, but the person of the Tribune Potestas was inviolable, and even threatening the TRP was a capital offence. They also had veto powers over the Acts of the Senate. Very handy job to have when you walked around with a bulls-eye on your back.


Level 6

Great win! It's in really good condition! Thanks for showing us! ; )


Level 6

Great win. very nice coin. What is it's history? You have a research job ahead of you.. Thanks.


Level 7

What a story it can tell. If you get time look it up it will tell you a wonderful story. Great history. Mike


Level 6

You got a great coin. If it could only talk.


Level 3

That's great. Congratulations on acquiring it!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Judging from the porousness of the fields, I wonder if it was buried for some of those 2000 years. A beautiful coin, thank you for sharing with us.


Level 4

Very cool coin... thanks for sharing. Jim

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