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01 Dec 2018

Troas Neandria

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This is a pretty cool coin I have. I think it is a Neandrian Troas from the greek city state of Neandria. It features the head of Apollo facing right, and a horse grazing on the obverse. The letters NEAN are visible above the horse. A similar coin I found online is this one. I will show you the pictures of the coin, and the coin I found online. The first 2 are the ones I have, and the second two are the other one. If anyone has any more information about this coin, please tell me. Thanks everyone.



Level 4

That is a great looking coin. I love to imagine what someone was spending that very coin on 2,000 years ago.


Level 6

Beautiful! Love that patina! Thanks for sharing it with us!


Level 4

Very interesting! Thank you for sharing.

I think you have got the attribution dead on. I looked up in my old Weber and find a very similar coin shown (Plate 271, #6). There is also one listed in Sear. I love Weber for bronze coins of more obscure cities.


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Ancient coins can be very rewarding in studying history.


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Fantastic looking coin and history you have there. Thanks for sharing with us.. Great area of study and collecting.

It's Mokie

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Whitman puts out a great book on Greek and Roman coins. Plan on buying it soon so I can identify the tiny ancient coint that I have. Yours looks great and I hope you are able to fully attribute it soon.


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What a piece of history! Ancients are fascinating


Level 7

You have a great eye for ancients. There were so many of them i couldn't say there name so I collected a few. I enjoy reading about them. But looking at them is a pleasure. Thank you I enjoyed them. Mike

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