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18 Dec 2018

Uncleaned Lot

| user_47175

I recently received an uncleaned lot of coins, and these were my two favorite ones in it. The sestertius is a coin of Severus Alexander, the last emperor of the Severan dynasty. The other coin is a billion tetradrachm. However, I don't know who is on the coin. It doesn't look like Septimius Severus, or any other coins I have seen with bearded emperors. If you know, please tell me. Thanks a lot.



Level 6

They are really cool! But I have no idea who it is. I would check out a book on ancients.

I will take a stab at the Egyptian tetradrachm. I believe it is Gallienus, Year 3. That puts the coin at about 256AD. Hope that helps. I was not able to get at any of my books that showed portraits for the Egyptian series.


Level 3

Thanks, It looks a lot like Gallienus with a beard, looking at similar coins.


Level 6

Those are beauties. I can't help you but I bet the ANA library has some books that can. Good luck.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I am actually getting Whitman's book on Ancient Greek and Roman coins for research this Christmas. That will be fun, trying to identify my small bronze ancient.


Level 7

I'm sure someone will know who it is. A book on ancient coins would help or if you have a dealer near by being it to them they should know. Nice pickups. Mikw

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