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27 Nov 2016

1973 or 1978

| user_49486

i was using my magnifying glass to make sure the date was correct on this coin i got from my uncle as a present but i am not sure. since this coin was damaged the date is a little hard to read. i am thinking a 1872, 1873, or 1878

if the picture is small just zoom in on the screen by going to the menu

what do you think   



Level 5

Looks like an 1872!


Level 5

I'm thinking 1872


Level 3

thanks for the responses i will check with a dealer or profeshinal in person along with the 1957 WP error


Level 7

Well the bottom seems closed the top does a little also. Could it be a proof? I'm going with an eight!


Level 5

looks like a n 1872 to me as well


Level 6

My guess is an 1872.Good chance it is not an 1878, since they just made them in proof that year.

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