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27 Nov 2016

Official National Parks Centennial 1972 collection

| user_49486

One of the sets that my grandfather gave me was the "official national parks centennial 1972 collection". the entire collection is in bronze except for the first one, Yellow Stone, which is composed of silver.

the original set cost of the collection was

low relief bronze- $1.95
High relief bronze- $3.75
low relief silver- $9.95
High relief silver- $14.75

he ended up getting high relief bronze due to his financial status unfortunately but at least he bought the collection.

the silver medal is now worth $50
and each bronze medal is worth $10

meaning that paying $150 for the complete collection (of 36 coins + album) and now is worth $400 (about, based on my research on the amount charged on ebay and other sites that people are selling this collection)



Level 5

There cannot be too many of these sets in existence. That could make it rare and valuable to the right collectors some day. For now it stands as a nice tribute to your Grandfather.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Very nice. What a joy to hold something that your Grandfather must have really thought a lot of. They look great too!


Level 6

Very interesting, did not know about an album for the medals.


Level 7

Very nice set. Your grandfather is very smart. Now you can enjoy it to!

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