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27 Nov 2016

Official National Parks Centennial 1972 collection #2

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the company that my grandfather got these coins from was called Roche Jaune Inc. and the designer of the medals is Frank Hagel

this piece of information was taken from ( https://medalblog.wordpress.com/tag/national-parks-medals/ )
  • Frank Hagel lives in Kalispell, the Montana town of his birth, and where he has lived for the past forty years.
  • He was indeed the sculptor of those early National Parks medals and did forty of them in 1972 and 1973, plus two in later years.
  • He (obviously) was not the Frank Hagel listed in the Social Security Death Index as having died in 1985.
  • He remembered Bill Louth, the president of Medallic Art Company at the time, as he had made two trips to New York City and visited with Bill at the plant on East 45th Street.
  • He did remember a salesman of the firm had visited him in Kalispell, but he did not remember the name until I mentioned Bob Southerland.
  • He is a painter more than a sculptor, with nine of his paintings – all of a Western American theme – on his web site, “with ten more to go on.”
  • He did design and model some medals struck by another firm, not Medallic Art.
  • He spent his entire life in Kalispell, except for his education and his first job as a commercial artist in Detroit from 1959 to 1971.
  • He was aware some Monument medals had been added to the National Park Series, and he had done several of these.
to find more information about the sculptor visit the website above.



Level 5

Thanks for the additional feedback on the medals. Each piece of history you gain will bring the story to even better imagination! Who knows where a new discovery path will lead you?


Level 7

Hi! Nice blog. I collect medal's depending on who they are who made them and the history behind them. I like them the art work on some is remarkable. So thanks for you time and your work. Good stuff!


Level 6

Nice blog. You might consider medals, they commemorate something and tell a story. Numismatics is not just plugging holes.


Level 3

i know the reason is that i like the story behind the every day currency that conman people used and not so much the reason behind making the medal. but who knows what my future holds

Thanks for sharing. I always find it interesting just how many medals are out there. Do you know if there are others out there or the rarity of your grandfather's collection?


Level 3

not quite sure i my self don't collect medals i only inherited this collection of the national parks

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