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06 Dec 2015

Seated Liberty and other Classic Designs.

| user_4972

The Seated Liberty design and many other influential and important coin designs have been used on many coins of the United States Dollar. In the 1800's coin designs were basically universal throughout all coins. One of the most notable of these is the Seated Liberty Design. It was used on the half dime, the dime, the twenty cent piece, the quarter dollar, and the half dollar. The Trade Dollar highly resembled the Seated Liberty design. Another notable design is the capped bust and other bust designs. The bust designs are available in many different varieties. The bust designs are classics in american coinage history. The 'head' design is also a copper classic, coming in classic head, coronet head and many others. Another 'classic' coin design was the Barber design. This was designed by Charles E Barber. The Barber design has been noted for being very plain and boring. Barber was a very vain man who put his design on three coins at once, and was very critical of other coin designs. The design was on the half dollar, the quarter dollar, and the dime. The lincoln design is one of the most popular of all of these. It has been on the penny since 1909. The penny has gone through eight reverse redesigns and a few obverse changes. The first reverse was the V D B wheat penny. This was changed to the wheat penny. The third design was the lincoln memorial penny. In 2009 four new reverses were put on the penny. The newest and current design is the Union Shield design. The obverse design also had the V D B put on it in 1916. This design has been collected almost since it came out. The V D B was removed because of criticism from Charles E Barber and the Public for being too large. Many other designs have put on multiple coin designs, but have not been the same. The eagle is the most popular reverse design in US history. All half dollars must have an eagle on it. Most other coins have eagles on them as well. Another design is George Washington. He has been on many commemoratatives, and the modern quarter. LaFayette has been on many coins with him. Many designs on US coins have been reused on multiple coins. Some have been well received and others have not, but all have been very collectible.

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