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01 Jun 2020

Hey Dad! Part 2

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Hey Dad! Why do people collect coins? And sell them for more than their face value?

You know, your question reminds me of this time when I was five years old. We were on a family trip to the Ozarks. We were in the old station wagon: me, my mom, my dad, and my older brother.

This was the most frightening experience of my life.

See, my brother had convinced me that The Ozarks were a race of giants who lived in the middle-ish United States, and who would totally have eaten all the non-giant people by now if it had not been for Abraham Lincoln establishing the Ozarkian Peace Treaty.

“What’s the Oz-ark E-I-E-I-O...Treat?” I asked.

“The Ozarkian Peace Treaty.” My brother said.

Mom and Dad were too busy up in front in the car to be paying any attention to us, listening, as they were, to some on-the-radio game show with cat-like intensity.

“The Ozarkian Peace Treaty started the sad tradition in which we’re now taking part,” my Brother continued. “See, every year, they demand five non-giant children to eat during what they call their August Yum Yum.”

“Their August Yum Yum?!” I asked, my mouth agape.

“Yep, their August Yum Yum,” My brother said.

“There’s this fancy lottery thing they do. Each year, every very family in America has to draw a card out of a huge pot. The families that draw a card with a sad face drawn on it have to drive to the Ozarks and give their youngest child to the giants.”

He was looking at me somberly as he said this. He didn’t blink.

“Sorry bud.” He said.

“DAD!” I yelled. “Are the OZARKS GOING TO EAT ME?”

“Uh, yeah, sure Son.” My dad answered, clearly not hearing what I said as he tapped his half-spent cigarette against the side view mirror.

So, as you can imagine, I was scared out of my mind the closer we got to the Ozarks. I mean, just say that word out loud, “OZARKS.” How in the world can that mean anything else than “child-eating giants”?

Imagine my relief then, when we arrived at a nice hotel and spent the week hiking mountains and swimming. I was just so grateful to be alive.

You might wonder why your question about collecting coins and valuation and all, why that triggered that memory.

Well see, when we were on that trip to the Ozarks, that was the first time I saw one of those machines that takes your penny and claims to press it into another shape as you turn the crank. All you have to do is put a penny into it, then put two quarters into it, and turn away, and you’ve got yourself something that not only looks funny, but also no longer can buy you a penny candy. And, for some reason, I WANTED to spend my quarters to get myself a molded penny.

Some might say that collecting coins is like that. Except that instead of a fancy machine with cranks and gears and such, it’s culture and brains. You put a certain penny in, and culture and brains make it something worth paying two quarters--or two-hundred-thousand dollars--for it.

Me, though, I have no idea. Just being honest. I have no idea.

All I know is the Ozarks are going to get us all someday.



Level 7

Wanted to send a message but cant. I wanted to tell you about a great find


Level 5

Family vacations are something to always remember. Take lot's of pictures and make notes of what you did. Someday you will be glad you kept a record. Coin collecting can be like a vacation. You go off on a different area of collecting just like you go visit a new area of the country or world.

I relished every moment of this.... you certainly come from a family of creative minds...


Level 6

Little brothers a huge pain. I don't have one but I used my little sister instead. That is a good one. Give him a well done for me. Thanks.

how bout two brothers and three sisters? plus another one on the way... that's when it's a real pain, lol!


Level 7

Thanks for sharing . There is a site on the web that tells were all the machines are located. I will try and find it and tell you were the site is. I have a few. There great for memories. Thanks I serched the web the list is no longer there but it list many sites were the are. Just enter in your browser enlongated pennies.

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