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25 Aug 2020

Possible Finds? and errors?

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hey guys!
finally got to the bank and picked up the rolls they had....and Found some pretty amazing things.

first find was a 1960 d penny that had some hub doubling but I couldn't get great photos out of it. it had all the right doubling that a 1960 small/large date d/d penny has but it didn't have the d/d....is this possible?

second was the 1987 p NIFC which i am planning to submit to NGC....What do you think it would grade?




Level 5

Nice finds my man!


Level 7

I have plenty of the DD on the mint mark. Like I said the 1960' s there are plenty of them and allot of rolls in red.


Level 4

Why did you submit that half dollar? It has a lot of marks and isn't in very good condition.


Level 5

1960 D over horizontal D ? Would not get the half graded. Find a better one. The penny is worth looking into?

I wouldn't grade the half dollar, it is worth just about face value. It has so many contact marks I would be surprised if it hit a 63. The 1960-D isn't a double die, or hub doubling, I barely see any machine doubling.


Level 5

Nice bank get. The penny is my favorite of the two, think the Kennedy has just a tad too much contact on front. Nice Reverse though. Your call though. My outlook, if it's what you want and your willing to spend the moola, just do it!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

If it were my Kennedy I would pass on sending it for grading because of the obverse The reverse looks good but I would have to see the arrows in person. Overall still a very nice coin. That penny is very interesting and that is a great find!


Level 7

The 1960's were full of problems with the date and and mint mark. As far As the Kennedy goes. You have to take the value of the coin and how much it will cost to grade it. The obverse shows allot of wear. It will cost more to grade than it's worth. That's my opinion. But that's up to you.


Level 4

yup. I love the reverse. too bad the obverse is in that condition.


Level 6

A couple of nice finds. Got to love the bank people that take care of u. Mike is a Kennedy expert. I have no idea.

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