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18 Aug 2019

collecting pennies

Coins | 1943penny

hey guys, About 6 months ago I started to collect pennies when I first saw a 1944 wheat pennywhile shopping at the mall the penny looked so cool because its reverse was not of themonument or of the shield but it had a wheat back so this is what got my interest. This ishow I began my hunt for wheat pennies and other valuable ones 1.) get a few penny rolls from bank 2.) search for the wheat backs and also any penny from before 2000 in eye appealing condition 3.) if you find a few things replace them with some extra pennies lying around the house 4.) re-roll them and give them to the bank for cash 5.) repeat This is how I have acquired over 20 wheat pennies so far and a few error coins and a 1968 MS-63

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