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17 Aug 2019

An essential book for any Medal collector.

Medals | Many

Medals of the Hall of Fame for Great Americans at New York University.
An excellent review of this series of medals, very informative about the artists who engraved the medals and their designs, illustrated with beautiful photos. An essential book for any medal collector.



Level 5

I might check this one out! Im trying to get into medals a bit more... Cheers!


Level 6

Sounds like a great book! I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Definitely a must have for my personal library, TY Many for bringing it to our attention.

Sounds like a nice book

The NYU Hall of Fame series were beautifully done and remain exceptional, especially compared to what the US Mint and Franklin Mint were striking at the time. The book is worth it just to see an assembled set.


Level 5

I love mine, for instance the relief on these is phenomenal!


Level 7

I have a few from the here to Europe but I did find the info on them years ago. Looks like a winner. I do like the one the mint released yesterday. 2.5 ounces of pure silver a beautiful look of Miss Liberty and I like the revere of our beautiful eagle. Only fifty thousand made.I do like them with this silver there will not be many SP 70. That's ok . I buy then because I like them. Thanks for the info on the book..


Level 6

Looks like an interesting book to check out of the ANA library.


Level 5

Yes, I have two of these medals, Mary Lyon and Gilbert Stuart. Both of these are a part of my Laura Gardin Fraser set. I can see now that I will have to get this book. Thanks for the post, I was previously unaware of the book.

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