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10 Nov 2018

Capped Bust Hal Dollar - Lettered Edge

| JimmyD

Capped bust halves are a study in variety. The lettered edge variety especially piques my interest; I remember my wonder when finding out that they actually included the inscription “Fifty Cents Or Half a Dollar” on this coin (and others, of course). That’s one way to keep the unscrupulous from shaving the edges for precious metal... and also a great way to impart some monetary history.

John Reich designed the capped bust coinage, which was used for 30 years on silver denominations. The lettered edge half dollar went through many facelifts and remodels over the years, including changes to the elements of the edge lettering, but it always remained true to the engraver’s original vision. Many dates are relatively affordable in reasonable grades, though to collect every variety would be a daunting task. The lettered edge transitioned to reeding beginning in 1836



Level 5

Awesome coin!


Level 5

Nice coin!

I agree with Kepi. The roosovelt dime and Washington quarter have been around a really long time. It would be cool to see old coin designs come back, at least in the form of commemoratives.


Level 6

Beautiful coin! I would love to see these older designs come back again. Our present coinage is rather boring. Great blog!

It's Mokie

Level 6

It was a very nice design for our new Republic. I wish they would go back to allegorical liberties again. I am tired of the bust portraits of Presidents, they are just our elected officials, nothing more. But Liberty, that is an ideal that can unite all of us.


Level 7

They are the leaders of the free world. We have less than fifty. Lady Liberty is just a symbol of what every President has done. Keep us free. In our little history and it is very short. Think of all the countries in the world that go back centuries . We will never see that. We're killing each other and protesting our own little history. Right or wrong it's still part of our history. Every president gets a library you ask why? Because of everything they have done to keep us free so we can say and write our opions. Without elected officials we would cease to exist. We elected them like them or hate them and if you didn't vote don't say nothing. I guess the ancients had it all wrong to . And Japan China England and some of them are not that old as others. Think about it I respect your opinion and I respect all because our Presidents give us that right. They deserve to be in our coinage as long as we stand as one country. Thanks Mike.


Level 6

Enjoyed the blog, like the coin also.

A favorite half of mine, and I continue to research and love its design. Thank you.


Level 6

Wonderful coin! Many Bust Half Nuts out there. This set will keep you busy for yrs.


Level 6

Nice blog. A lot if info.. Nice type. Thanks.


Level 7

Very good. I have the inscription on the edge. I forget the date this is a guess 1827.. I am far from that coin. So I took a guesstimate. They are a good looking coin. They must of shaved an awful lot of them to have the mint put that on. Thanks for your work and information. Mike.

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