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21 Sep 2018

A Versailles Numismatic Connection

Medals | JimmyD

When traveling, I'm always looking for something numismatics-related to bring home with me. This spring, we visited the Versailles palace in France. It was one of our last stops, and I was beginning to give up finding something to add to my collection, when I found this medal. King Louis XVI is depicted on the obverse, while the reverse depicts Queen Marie-Antoinette. It is an exact replica of one of the medals produced in the 18th century to publicize the king's Cabinet of Medals, which themselves were copies of priceless originals in the cabinet (I think I got that right!). The "original" was engraved by Benjamin Duvivier, engraver of the currencies from 1774 to 1791. This particular medal is made of "silvered bronze" and measures 74mm. These pictures pretty much do it justice. The problem I'm having is finding an appropriate holder for this large, high relief beauty. Oh well, that's a high quality problem to have, I guess. If anyone has a cool numismatic story from one of their trips, near or far, I'd love to read about it. Thanks for reading. Jim

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