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23 Sep 2018

October Numismatist article on Bitcoin...

| JimmyD

I was going to address my concern with a Forum post, but there were no subject categories available where it wouldn't just be lost (subject of another blog post perhaps) and I wanted to find someone who agreed with me. I almost wrote a letter to the editor, but decided against that as well. So here goes, on my blog: I find the cryptocurrency investment puff piece in the October Numismatist,disguised as a discussion of "a new form of money" that collectors should ... I'm not sure, collect? to be inappropriate. Don't get me wrong, the article is very well written and researched, but I don't buy the author's attempt to weave the tale of this highly volatile digital currency into something a collector should become involved with - as a collector. If you think it's a good investment, definitely go for it, it's your money. That's where I have a problem with the article. It's clear from the beginning that the author is interested in cryptocurrency as a vehicle to "increase his investment returns." At the end, we're even encouraged not to invest more in cryptocurrency than we are prepared to lose. I don't think this approach fits within the mission of the ANA, and has no place in the Numismatist.

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