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25 Feb 2015

Popular to collect

Coins | user_5448

What is most popular to collect right now? I pretty much collect everything under the moon.



Level 5

what do you like.


Level 5

Morgan Dollars were the most popular coins in the world, but the 1 oz. Silver American Eagles took their place.


Level 5

Also, you picked a good blog for a start!


Level 6

I collect alot of different coins too! And I agree collect what you like no matter whats popular. I really like toning on my coins. Especially mercury Dimes and Morgan Dollars. I also collect anything with a Buffalo theme : )


Level 2

Toning can be beautiful if done naturally!


Level 1

Take a look at classic commemorative halves. Particularly compare mintage's to retail pricing. That's a fun series to collect in my opinion.


Level 6

I love any toned silver coin. Morgans, Peace and Mercury's are my favorites right now. I agree with Peter. Go with what you like.


Level 4

Just pick want you wanted to collects. Me Silver coins and wheats back.

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