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02 Apr 2022

2008 First Spouse $10 Gold Coins

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The first spouse $10 gold coin program is a program that honors the first spouses by issuing a $10 gold coin to commemorate them. These first spouse gold coins were released with the same schedule as the presidential dollars.

The obverse of these coins depict the date, the order of their terms as first spouse, the word “Liberty,” the words “In God We Trust,” as well as a portrait of the first spouse and the first spouse’s name. The reverse of each coin is unique to that first spouse, depicting a portrait that was symbolic of that first spouse’s life and work, and the words “The United States of America,” “E Pluribus Unum,” “½ oz,” “$10,” and “0.9999 fine gold.”

Four Presidents, who all were not married when they were in office, were represented by images which were symbolic of Liberty. These four presidents are Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, and James Buchanan.

The second set of four first spouse $10 gold coins were minted in 2008. These four coins, the Elizabeth Monroe, Louisa Adams, the second of the liberty coins, which was the Andrew Jackson Liberty coin, and the third Liberty coin, the Martin Van Buren Liberty gold coin, were all minted in 2008.

The first of the 2008 first spouse gold $10 coins is the Elizabeth Monroe gold coin. The Elizabeth Monroe gold coin’s reverse depicts Elizabeth Monroe standing in front of a part of the White House. James and Elizabeth Monroe held a reopening of the White House, after it was burned down in 1814 by the British. They not only reopened the White House, but also let the Government use some of their own personal furniture to furnish the White House, which was nearly completely empty when they moved in.

The second 2008 first spouse gold coin is the Louisa Adams gold coin. The Louisa Adams gold coin depicts Louisa Adams and her eight-year-old son, Charles. John Quincy Adams was an American diplomat in the Russian capital, St. Petersburg. In 1814, John Quincy Adams was summoned to participate in peace talks to end the war of 1812. In 1815, Louisa and Charles had to make a long journey to Paris to join John Quincy Adams. Part of this journey is what is depicted on the Louisa Adams gold $10 coin.

The third 2008 first spouse gold coin is the Andrew Jackson Liberty gold coin. The Andrew Jackson gold coin depicts Andrew Jackson on his horse. Andrew Jackson, who is also known by the nickname of “Old Hickory” was a war hero, who lead 4,000 men against an army twice its size and still won the battle.

The fourth and final 2008 first spouse gold $10 gold is another Liberty coin, this time for Martin Van Buren. The Martin Van Buren Liberty gold coin features Martin Van Buren, who is reading a book in his hometown of Kinderhook. The abbreviation O.K., was probably come up with during Martin Van Buren’s reelection campaign. The initials for OK come from Martin Van Buren’s nickname: “Old Kinderhook.”

I am sorry to say that I do not have any original picture of any of the $10 first spouse gold coins.

I know the first few paragraphs are the same as my blog on the 2007 first spouse gold coins. I figure that it does the job of introducing the series.



Level 5

An under appreciated series.


Level 6

Again good blog. Still needs photos and sources. ; )

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

In context, this sort of coin would have gotten more public attention, it didn't. Nice information and would have liked to see pics. Thanks.


Level 5

I bought all the medals as they came out and all four of the gold Libertys. I purchased a Dansco album with generic pages and slots about the size of the medals to house the collection. Most of mine are beginning to tone, some of them rather nicely.


Level 6

What I said on your first blog. Thanks.


Level 7

It never got my attention.. I mean I know only so much of the presidents never mind there Vice presidents wish means the wife did not make the cut with me. . They were selling the new famous fifty women on t.v. MS 65 and MS 66 fifty dollars for the pair. Again the mint didn't strike this series well no one had 70's. That's lousy work by the mint. Another reason I'm not buying that set. EBay has them for 140.00 clad MS 65! Not me!! Very good blog. I enjoyed it!!.

It's Mokie

Level 6

The basic designs were also rendered in bronze without the denomination, etc. I have the four liberty examples (for Presidents without spouses), they are the Robert Scot Liberty Bust, the John Reich Liberty Bust, the Gobrecht Seated Liberty, and the Longacre Liberty Bust. A set, in bronze, well worth collecting and garnering a premium over the first spouses because of their iconic design.

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