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21 Mar 2022

Wholesale Coin Pricing

| user_55494

Hi everyone, so apparently my last blog got taken down for "advertising" when I was simply just looking for input. Anyways, I am a very quantitative person and am very analytical. Because of this, I very much dislike pricing wholesale coins as there is no exact science for it. On the contrary, I am trying to create one by adding deflators to many inflated sources.Let B be bluebook values, R be redbook, G be greysheet, N be NGC Price Guide, PCGS be P,HA be HA, Ebay be Eb. Also I will be adding X to be a wow factor whether it has a CAC sticker, or cool toning, etc).Also let N be # of input values(0.9B+.66R+G+0.7N+0.7P+HA+Eb+X)/NObviously this is not a perfect science and therefore I have added a $15+/- room for error, which I believe is a reasonable marginPlease let me know if this seems accurate, or if you think I should change anything, I am all ears so please be responsive to whether or not this seems reasonable for wholesale pricing.Thank you,Ellis Landauer

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