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02 Apr 2018

Independence #3: Massachusetts

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Nothing is known about the origin of the 1776 Massachusetts Copper (Pine Tree Copper)

01 Apr 2018

Independence #2: New Jersey

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The New Jersey Copper was minted from 1786-1788.On June 1, 1786, the New Jersey legislature authorized Walter Mould, Thomas Goadsby, and Albion Cox to mint three million copper coins at a weight of 150 grains each over a two-year period in return for a ten percent royalty to the state and the posting of a £10,000 surety bond. The coppers were to circulate at fifteen to the shilling and were to be produced within New Jersey.

18 Jan 2018

History of the Half-Cent Coin

Coins | user_55599

Hello, this is my first blog, I figured I would start engaging this site a little more by posting some history of various coins, paper currency and possible tokens. Also if you would like more information, feel free to ask about the currency and tokens I feature, I would be more than happy to elaborate more on my knowledge for you! I hope you guys enjoy!

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