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19 Jul 2018

Using coins/currency to teach kids about history/geography

Coins in the Classroom | jkenttt

Hello from Chicago!

I've been busy with my local coin clubs and buying coins online and at local shows, which is a lot of fun! The purpose of my collection, is educational. Kids like learning about history/geography when you bring coins/currency into the classroom. I contacted a couple of schools in my area, and set up a meeting with the principal, then talked to a couple of teachers, and then was invited into the classroom. Kids liked touching and feeling the coins, and of course, I bring lots of giveaways. But the next step is not as intuitive. How do you follow up? Well, social media like Facebook and Instagram are good, but you can also offer coin collecting classes at your local park district, community education program, or after school club.

The purpose of this Blog is to share ideas of how to introduce coins/currency collecting to kids, and then how to follow up afterwards, to help them with their collection.

For example:

Most kids now have a smart phone, by the time they are in middle school/Jr High, so I have the kids upload a phone application, Coinoscope, to help them identify coins, especially world coins.

Kids don't always like learning history from books and taking tests at school, so we bring coins/currency into the classroom, and let the kids find a tangible connection to the people who used the coins. Colonial coins, coins from the civil war era, WW2, well circulated coins that thousands of hands have touched and used in the commerce of the era. Kids are fascinated by ancient coins, and want to know more about the people who used the coins.

What are you doing? What is your local coin club doing? What help do you need to get started, or get to the next level? 



Level 3

Last year I did a few school presentations and also a library presentation, but the most fun was bringing coins to my block party! The kids got to rummage through my world coin hoard and pick out coins of interest. We used Coinoscope to identify the coins and I let the kids keep the coins they could correctly identify.


Level 3

Just a quick update! I'm teaching a family coin collecting class on Oct 6 from 10am to noon in Arlington Heights, IL and ANA has a new program for putting numismatics back into the schools, so I ordered a kit and will try it out in my classroom. Once I get some experience with the materials, I will approach a few of the local school in my area, and offer to do presentations in their classrooms. The first educational kit ordered is free to coin clubs, and additional kits are $24.95. Contact Tiffanie Bueschel, tbueschel@money.org 719-482-9816


Level 3

I’m heading to Philly for the Worlds fair of Money, and attending an ancient coin class Aug 12-13. Whatever I learn in that class I’m going to teach, when I get home! I’ve already signed up to teach four evening classes, starting in September at our community education program in Arlington Heights Illinois . ACE helped supply me with ancient coins for the classes.


Level 6

Thanks to all who teach our kids about coins and their history! I wish we had a local coin club to get people interested in the hobby. Thanks for the blog!


Level 6

Very happy to read about your work with kids and coins. Thanks!

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

Great Blog! I’m gonna have to ru out coinoscope now.


Level 6

It can be very rewarding to with the younger collector. Nice blog!

Thanks for all you're doing to introduce kids to the hobby. My dad and I I have taught several classes to local boys organizations. I've never downloaded a coin app, but I'm going to do a search for some including Coinoscope. Thanks again for sharing!


Level 5

I have done some local classroom presentations. The follow up is the hard part.

I am constantly trying to get kids to start enjoying numismatics, but they are too much into their devices to take a look, and they think their money is better spent on Fortnite. I am trying to set up a school coin club, and with younger grades I bring in coins to teach them about coins and history.

Many years ago, I used to go to classroom and talk about ancient coins. I always had a number I could pass around so the students could handle something that was over a thousand years old. But I think that early US coins are really more important to show our History. I feel that too little emphasis is placed on our own travel through the past three centuries, what life was like back then. Our history over even the past 50 years has been captured in coinage (circulating and commemorative) and that can be used to bring history alive to the younger people.


Level 7

That's great there are a bunch of us who write blogs and we always tell the history of the coin. Every coin and token, medal tells a story. We all do the research on the coin were it was made and the history it tells. I always say I learned more about history than I did all my years in school. That's true. It's very important that's how we learn. Great thing you brought up. What's sad is we continue to write blogs like this with pictures the works and no one seems to be interested. But we won't stop. Why because we learn and we learn more all the time. Thanks there are fourteen thousand plus let's read and leave comments we learn from them to . Thanks. Mike


Level 3

I’m new to blogging, so forgive my lack of experience! I’ll try to make up for it with some extra enthusiasm. Another idea I’ve been working on is to get my local Rotary club involved . Rotary clubs like to promote international awareness among students and bringing World Coins into the classroom is a great way to introduce history/geography to kids learning foreign languages. So I called the social studies department or foreign language department at the middle school or junior high and introduce myself as a Rotarian that’s interested in promoting international awareness by showing the kids coins and currency from different countries. I called the social studies department or foreign language department at the middle school or junior high and introduce myself as a Rotarian that’s interested in promoting international awareness by showing the kids coins and currency from different countries I’ve traveled through or from different eras of world history. Kids that are learning French or Spanish or German also dream about visiting those countries and want to know more about the money they use. And you can give each of them a few pesos and that’s a great souvenir to bring home and show mom and dad! I give the kids some foreign currency and tell them to beg their parents for a passport, to take them to the foreign country and they can spend the money there!


Level 6

This is great! Good to hear this.

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