Byzantine Coinage

15 Jul 2014

Survey of Byzantine Coins

Justinian I (527-65 AD/CE,) obverse, 10 nummia, Sear 235. God's representative on Earth. The ultimate devine ruler. Mint: Antioch/Theopolis.

A note about cataloge references on Byzantine Coins. Sear: David Sear, Byzantine Coins and Their Values, Second Edition, revised and enlarged.

DO.: Dunbarton Oaks Collection.

MIB: Moneta Imperii Byzantini> W. Hahn



Level 7

World coins of that age are interesting. But very few are what you would call eye catching. I guess that's why I never got into it. Thanks for the picture and the blog. Mike.


Level 5



Level 6

Very beautiful, interesting coin! Thanks.


Level 6


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