Eisenhower Dollar

28 Apr 2015

My wife found this at an estate sale.....1971(s) Proof Eisenhower Dollar in what appears to be the original mint package. No lid on the box, coin is in plastic protective sleeve, no COA. I need to do more research on these but why not start another collection.......just because.

I have added another to my collection after talking with my mother....It's 1973 (no mint mark). In protective case, has some patina and some wear marks (priceless to me).

The collection has expanded......the following is what I found at an estate sale!
10 1971's not a mint mark to be found! bummer
48 1972's some have mint marks, some don't
2 1973's one with a mark, the other....not so much
10 1974's some with, some without mint marks
75 1776-1976 some with, some without mint marks.....how fitting I have 75 of them!
2 1977's one with one without mint mark
4 1978's two with marks, other three nothing

I have yet to go over these with a magnifying glass, so nothing super great in collection, but they are not making these things anymore. These coins have been circulated and are not in super great shape, but they aren't bad either. All of them still have great detail. Maybe my grandkids will appreciate them when I pass them on.



Level 7

I like that Cole tion. Put the set together that's how much I like it. The last of the big dollars left.


Level 2

Will do picks when I figure out new camera.


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