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26 Feb 2022

A Proclamation

| I. R. Bama

Whereas, Russia has invaded the Ukraine.

Whereas People's Republic of China has allied themselves with Russia, named us as an enemy and shared intelligence with Russia that President Biden had shared with People's Republic of China about Russia.

Whereas People's Republic of China is committing genocide on the Uegar Muslims,

I, and the membership who cosign on this blog implore the American Numismatic Association to divest themselves of any and all investments the Association holds in Russia and the People's Republic of China



Level 7

I'm glad someone said it. Thank you. I'm catching up . Sorry I missed this one also. My fault. I had to be doing something . The point is I found it and I agree!.


Level 5



Level 2

Agree 100%


Level 4

I agree with you.


Level 5

I agree with Longstrider that that is well put and I agree. I sure don’t hope this war will get too far…


Level 5

Yea from me.

Long Beard

Level 5

Well put.

AC coin$

Level 6

Agreed!! I think that mankind shall not go through again leaving Ukranians suffering asking for help like the past with the entire planet. We've suffered so much ....this Will never be forgotten . Pain from all of us in USA will be felt as it was in the past...


Level 6

I second it. The motion is passed!


Level 6

I concur with this statement.

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