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26 Jun 2020

ANA Course: Grading Coins

Coins-United States | I. R. Bama

Some of you are aware that I am taking the second course of the ANA diploma program, I've read through the course several times and am confident I know most of the answers, so I am in the review process with this.The best advice I've gotten is practice practice practice and grade a lot of coins. I'm not totally inexperienced with this. On my own, I've gotten confident at keeping it within 10 points. That's pretty easy to come by without learning the finer details. This course is taking it up a notch and I'll be better at this for it.The only thing this course lacks is some structured exercises in grading in the curriculum, Recognizing that I need to do this, I've come up with this to help me learn more. I'm going to take all my slabbed coins and cover up the grade. Then I'll grade them independently and see how I do against coins with established grading. After I get to a point with those where I feel I have mastered it, then I will take a variety of my unprofessionally graded coins and practice on those.After I feel like I have mastered that, I'm going to take some of those coins to my favorite dealer and see where they evaluate my progress.I hope this self designed set of exercises will be helpful to you all who are also taking this course.If anybody has some thoughts on additional exercises that would be helpful, please feel free to share with me!

23 Jun 2020

So I Learn Something New Every Day

Collecting Tips | I. R. Bama

Some of you know that I am taking the ANA Diploma program. I finished the first course and now am into the grading class. I'm learning about technical grading vs. market grading. Technical grading considers luster, contact marks and to a lesser extent eye appeal. It is used for grades About Good to Extremely Fine. Market grading considers Luster, contact marks, strike and eye appeal, used for grades AU to Mint State. This is the type of grading the services employ when they grade your submitted coins. So it seems counter intuitive that technical grading does not employ stricter criteria to me due to the use of the term "technical".The other surprise for me was that an AU 58 coin is considered a much better coin than an MS 60 coin, and probably a better buy up until you hit MS 63. That also puzzles me, as it seems arbitrary, so I would I would enjoy hearing some discussion about that from the collective wisdom here.

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