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07 Feb 2021

The No Cents Liberty Nickel 1883

| I. R. Bama

Some of you are aware that I bought 26.5 lbs of foreign coins in an auction in December. Its really hard to get your mind around that many coins and it was pretty heavy but manageable. On Friday Patty and I started sorting them into Western Hemisphere, Europe and 3rd world categories. I had to have a way to make sense of them instead of looking at dissimilar coins from everywhere. When I'm done with this I can sort them by country. And thee are a few countries that I did not have in my large foreign collection.

We finished our third day in a row working on them. We can only do about two hours or maybe three before our backs give out and we just cant do any more foe the day, but we are seeing progress and seeing lots of interesting coins that give pause to examine in more detail and admiration before moving on to the next coin. Other coins you recognize instantly and know which group they go into.

Today, Patty found this 1883 Liberty Nickel (No Cents). It is pictured here before it went into a holder. I gave it a VF 35 because you could clearly read "Liberty" on the obverse. I didn't have one in my collection, so this is a most welcome addition! I hope you enjoy seeing it..... I really enjoyed finding one.

The coin itself was designed by Charles E. Barber and was the first year of issue. They were minted from 1883-1913. All were minted in Philadelphia. It is 21.2mm in diameter and weighs 5 grams. 5,479,519 coins were minted. They were composed of 75% copper and 25% nickel.
I won't go into an oft repeated story on how this coin was plated with gold and used to defraud merchants, but it is an interesting story in numismatic history.

I have also found some European coins from the mid 1800's which are always welcome to my collection. Hope you enjoy seeing this coin!



Level 3

Great find! That's one heck of a lot of coins.


Level 5

That's a LOT of coins Bama! Good luck on finding more nice ones like the nickel above.


Level 5

Nice! I loves me some world coins! Kinda envious Pally!


Level 5

Goodness! That is a LOT of world coins! That is a really neat find. Thanks for letting us know, and happy hunting!

Long Beard

Level 5

Wow! Twenty-six and a half pounds ought to take you a minute.


Level 5

Very nice find!!! Thanks for sharing!


Level 6

That will keep you guys busy for awhile! Great find with that Nickel. I bet you are finding all sorts of cool designs! Thanks for sharing! ; )


Level 6

Great find. I like your system of separating and categorizing them. I feel sorry for your eyes. Hurts mine just thinking about all that time spent bent over. Now my back hurts. Good luck Bama! Thanks.


Level 5

A lot of lbs of coins. I have wanted to buy something like that. Nice Liberty nickel find. Thanks for sharing your exploits!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Very Cool Find Bama!!! One of my coin club friends recently was given, yes given, 120 pounds of mixed foreign coins. He managed to pull all the silver and the rest he donated to PAN, we were selling them for $3/pound yesterday at the show. I think we sold about 30 pounds. LOL


Level 5

Nice coin!


Level 7

Great coin to own. Plenty of history behind these. It's rare to see one with no cents but also to see one with Liberty.. Liberty is the first thing that wears of.. That's what makes this coin special. Thanks my friend I enjoyed it. Not to many of these around anymore. Years ago when I was collecting they were cheep. . And most had liberty. This is a coin if it could talk. Thanks for sharing this and Tami g time to put it up. Don't hurt yourselves. Coins can do that. Keep them comingll


Level 4

That's some super fun stuff right there! Great find, congrats!!!

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