2020 P Emergency Issue ASE MS 69

29 Aug 2020

A near perfect example of the emergency issue struck at Philadelphia during the West Point mint shut down. What makes it less than a 70? A very fine small scratch on Liberty's right breast and an even harder to detect very small light scratch, that my wife saw and I overlooked. Neither can be seen with our naked eye, but under 7x magnification they are noticeable. The Reverse is perfect in every detail and fields are all clear. It was a good exercise to figure out why not 70.

Production was run for 240,000 coins over a twelve day period. It is one troy ounce of ,9993 silver, .0007 coper and its diameter is 40.6 mm. It weighs 11.101 grams. I am told it the second rarest issue of ASEs.



Level 5

These are interesting for sure. I almost bought a lot of 5 pieces on Ebay recently. All ms69. I may get one eventually.

walking liberty

Level 4

Thats a nice coin you got there!


Level 5

You and I picked ours up early at a decent cost. As of Dec the 240,000 are still for sale, but now instead of $65 - 70.00 they are asking $299.00, might be why they still have stock, they don't seem to be selling at that price. I like mine, and am glad to have it, but wouldn't have paid $299.00. I think down the road we will still be happy to have these, but who knows the actual future value.


Level 5

Awesome ASE! ;)


Level 5

Very nice! The mint definitely chose a good design to remake each year


Level 5

Beautiful coin, Bama. keep it up!


Level 6

Beautiful Eagle and cool label. Nice addition to your collection.


Level 5

I have one of these coins although it isn't the "Emergency Issue". I got mine that was graded by PCGS at a 70, First Strike. Is the only reason that it is in high demand because it was struck at Philly? Just wondering.....hmmmm. At any rate, that's a nice pick up for sure!


Level 7

Were now into the middle of September and I can't understand why these coins are still for sale. I guess the maybe there was a missing and more made. This has happened before. Some coins are missing a years mintage even though they were made. They didn't have an accurate count. Great coin to have in your collection.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

It's a joy to pick up. Wish I could get 4 more. Not now. My bullion is for emergency funds. It would be one of the last bullion I'd sell. If a coin like will appreciate beyond spot then I'm ahead of that strategy. I'd much rather collect circulation strikes in the best condition I can find


Level 7

That's a nice pick up. There still having a hard time selling these. I thought for sure they would of been gone the third week. It's only 240.000. Either way it's a good coin to have. Congratulations on a nice coin. Enjoy it my friend. That what there for!!

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