Alabama Centennial Half Dollars

15 Sep 2020

Two varieties exist one with 2x2 on the obverse and one without it.



Level 4

wow beautiful!


Level 4

thats really cool!

I would want one of these!

Long Beard

Level 5

Beautiful addition. Early commemoratives have appealed to me over the many years, yet unexplainably I have none. Thanks for the motivation!


Level 5

I only have two of the older commemoratives and Alabama us one of them. Like the old ones a lot. Need to buy one next coin show. Make sure I do it !


Level 7

One of the nicest commens you all see. It's sad but I wish they still made them like this. In stead of the lasers they use today Sculpture a coin.Like the beauty of the one above.


Level 5

I have looked at this coin, and looked at this coin, and ….. beginning to see a pattern? It is on my list of "Must Purchase" for the year 2021. In Nov and Dec I have way overspent my monthly budget I normally allow myself for this hobby, it's ok, my wife and I sat down and discussed it before I overspent, and she agreed with me on the purchases, just mentally tapped out until 2021. I will let you know when I get one, cause after all, Alabama is my home state. I gotta say it again, love that coin. Later!


Level 5

Awesome coin!


Level 4

Very nice coin! I love the reverse especially.


Level 6

Really beautiful! Looks like it has some toning going on too. ; )


Level 5


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