Sears New Century Token

12 Dec 2020

This is a "Sears New Century" token, minted in 1986 to celebrate the iconic store's one hundredth year of being in business. What makes it interesting is that it is made of copper from the restoration of the Statue of Liberty by the Ellis Island foundation which was completed in 1986. Made by Sears, sales benefitted the Ellis Island Foundation.

I found this late last night while evaluating some numismatic software for a future blog while looking through a lot of foreign coins I bought recently but have not yet catalogued.



Level 7

That's great. Great find my good friend. A piece of the original! Wow if it could talk. Welcoming all the immigrants it welcomed. Now that's American history!!


Level 3

Wow I never seen a coin like this nice find!


Level 5

Really interesting item. I really enjoy that type of thing now, and look for medals and tokens at flea markets or antique stores.


Level 6

Very cool! Good ol' Sears ; )


Level 5

That is sweet! Its a shame the Sears company could not change with the times. You will always have that coin/token. I remember growing up and looking at the Sears Mail In Catalog. Those were the day, being a kid, dreaming of the things you would never have, but loving it anyway. Beautiful History!


Level 6

Nice. Very cool fin. I hope there are many more treasures in the 'Bama Hoard.


Level 5

Very nice token! I love it when the notification that someone has a new collection comes up!

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