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01 Mar 2016

Is this an error? Please help

Coins-United States | Ashton

I found this 2015 d nickel roll hunting and noticed on the obverse of the coin was a perfect straight scratch. I flipped the coin over and there was an imprint  of the reverse of a dime. the only way i would imagine something like this happening in the mint  is if it was struck on top of the dime. What do you guys think?



Level 6

It's very cool however it happened : )


Level 5

looks cool but i think numinerd is right


Level 5

Looks like a good conversation piece! Now that you have your answer!


Level 5

Hi Ashton. Unfortunately, this is a damaged coin, not an error. It's what some experts refer to as a "sandwich" coin. Someone who had that nickel before it got to you, squeezed it between a dime and probably a vice - that's where that big line/scratch came from. Most people who make these are more careful and will put something between that side to protect it, so this looks like an amateur attempt at trying to create an error. If it were real, the images and lettering of the dime impressions would be positive (not reversed) and also not incuse (or sunk into the coin.) It is still worth five cents, though I'm sure some folks think it's a fifteen-cent piece.


Level 6

Good one about the fifteen cent piece. Great explanation on that happened! Thanks


Level 7

Its hard to tell with a picture. If there is a dealer you trust bring it to him. Otherwise send to NGC or PCGS.who knows you might have something there lots of luck with it Mike let us know what you find out!

Ian Fenn

Level 5

I am sure some one will be able to advise you better than I can. I can imagine ways it could be done after striking ( out side of the mint) Perhaps take it to your local club. Its certainly very interesting

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