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16 Sep 2020

Calling all YNS, calling all YNS!

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Hello fellow numismatists!
Recently Oobie and Big Nub Numismatics have set up an online club of sorts. I've joined the club and have nothing but positive things to say about it, and I suggest all of the YNS to join as well. I highly encourage anyone to participate- most stuff is coordinated on discord. Here's an invitehttps://discord.gg/hz86pP . Hope to see you all there!
Sincerely, Theo(On behalf of Oobie and Nub, the founders.)



Level 4

Thats great! I've been using discord since early January for gaming, but never thought of making something for coin collectors! Cya there!


Level 6

Cool idea. Good luck.

sounds like it is a successful organization... congrats to the founders!


Level 5

I really hope this works well for you folks, everyone needs a place to go to enjoy their peers. Just don't forget us old farts, we really enjoy your YN input and knowledge. I have learned a lot from the various blogs already and am trying to get my grandson involved. no luck so far, but he is interested, just hasn't made the move yet. We will be here if you wanna share something with us or even to answer any questions. Later Pally Guys and Gals!


Level 5

Neat. Tried the link, however, and it gave me an "Expired Link" thingy.


Level 3

I sent you a new invitation in your messages- see you there!


Level 5

Good luck ! Hope it becomes very successful.


Level 7

Lots of luck but come back to the regular site. Us young old timers will still be there to help you guys.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

It will be fun to watch your club grow! All the best with this endeavor


Level 4

Thank you so much! We are sincerely glad that you are enjoying it!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Oobie, I am going to place this information on the American Numismatic Association Members FB site. I know some of you YNs are on that page and I am sure many members of the FB page also know some YNS that might benefit.

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