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24 Aug 2020

Hong Kong's Coins: New and old

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Hello fellownumismatists! My name is Theodore and this is my 2nd year with the ANA as a Young Numismatic. Today I'd like to share the history of coins in the country I currently reside in, which is Hong Kong. The current circulatory issues in Hong Kong are the 10 Cent, 20 Cent, 50 Cent, 1 Dollar, 2 Dollar, 5 Dollar, and 10 Dollar coins, all of which have the design of a Bauhinia flower on the back. The flower is also shown on the Hong Kong flag, as theBauhinia is the national flower. Retired denominations include the 1 Cent, 5 Cent, and the 1 Million (Used in the mid to late 1800s.) There have been very few commemorative coins in Hong Kong's history, but some examples are the 12 Chinese Zodiac commemorative coins, the gold commemorative coin for Queen Elizabeth 2's visit to Hong Kong, the 1997 Handover commemorative coin, and a few more. Other than that, there have been a few knicks and knacks as well as changes in designs, however, there are not too many other basics than that to cover. I hope that you have learned something about Hong Kong's currency by reading this article, and have a great day!



Level 5

Welcome, I missed your first blog and after reading your second had to go back and catch up. I am a History Buff and have really been intrigued by the area you call home. It is nice to have you available, and I sincerely hope to learn more about the currency, past and present in your area. Unfortunately, I don't have many coins from Hong Kong, some, mostly early pre-war, WWII era, and immediate post war. Looking forward to seeing more. Welcome again. Later!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Thank You for your blog Theodore, I wonder if the reassertion of mainland China's political system will result in the withdrawl or redesign of Hong Kong coins?

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Those are nice, I have several older coins from Hong Kong from the 1950's and I enjoy them. I was fortunate to go to graduate school with some students from Hong Kong and enjoyed their friendship and being invited to their dinners as well. I'm glad you are here and will look forward to learning from you!


Level 5

Welcome! Nice coins. I will definately be looking at the foreign coin dealers next coin show. So many great posts with great looking coins. Need to check out the foreign coins and find a new area of interest.


Level 6

Nice to hear from you. Good luck with the YN program that the ANA offers.

Hong Kong has such a long an interesting history. it is odd to see an English King's face with chinese characters. Looking forward to see more from you!


Level 6

Very nice. Welcome to our site. Very beautiful coins. We don't hear much from Hong Kong. Huge history. Thank You.


Level 7

Welcome! I said to my friend..who has a few coins from the car east they always make things of beauty. No matter what part there from. The coinage also. Thanks for sharing these with us. We appreciate your work. Enjoyll

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