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27 Mar 2022

A few thoughts…

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Hi everyone! A shorter post this time, and a little less controversial :). The first thought is that the Mint should start to make silver/gold proof sets. I know they sometimes sell certain silver coins, but it would be cool if they just sold a standard proof set with everything silver (except the penny ofc).

Second thought is that NGC and PCGS should lower prices. Personally, I think that 22$ plus shipping and $10 handling is a little excessive for collectors who want to get them graded but are on a lower budget.

Finally, someone needs to make an auction house similar to eBay, but specifically for coins only. I know there’s Heritage and others, but those are really only for very expensive coins. I sell on eBay, and the fees are ridiculous. I just sell coins between $20-100 but the fees take like 25-30% of that.
Anyways thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend :D



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Good thoughts. Keep them up.


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The 26. dollars is for return shipping. Its registered mail. This way you can track it.. There not going to lower prices. That I can tell you. I will let you know. You only get what you pay for. The Smithsonian Institute tested the three top graders. They were going to put 300 of our best coins our history in them. NGC won hands down.. Its made of medical plastic. And as far as anything getting in . the lowest. And if your a member of the ANA there is no annual fee!


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Interesting ideas.... Thanks for your thoughts! ; )


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The mint already makes a silver proof set. Great minds think alike, though, right?

AC coin$

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A positive thought but I believe that the Mint has its sets placed up for sale as they produce them or market them. Mostly commemorative issues. I have seen coins turned into jewerly recently on the internet and this I've learned from time to time. Good luck.

Long Beard

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Not sure what you mean by proof sets, but the mint sells both annually. The gold come as four coin set of the AGE denominations. As for you auction idea, I've been working on such an undertaking for some time. I need the right person who understands coding and how internet clocks work. One much simpler, less fees and tighter control against fraud/counterfeiters.


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Those are all good ideas. The mint does make a silver proof set every year. It has the half the quarter and the dime the nickel and cent are clad. I don't see the price as going down if anything there going up again. . That would take a minor undertaking and millions and millions of dollars.. Thanks you said what we all want but I don't see it. Thanks for thinking outside the box! Keep it up!!P.S. The bigger set has a silver eagle.

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