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12 Apr 2020

Could You Help Please?

Tokens | user_60297

I don't know if these qualify as tokens but would very much like to learn. If anyone would like to share info or were to find it that would very much appreciated.



Level 6

I go to eBay and look up items to learn and see what things might be worth realistically.


Level 2

Check ebay for sure. some of the pictures a little difficult to see. But eBay is my go to place when checking out what things are and their values.


Level 6

Tokens for sure. They seem to be just like Civil War era business cards.

It's Mokie

Level 6

The Transit Authority and McDonald's items are absolutely tokens as they are issued by a business entity and are good for some form of boon. The only one in question is the Savings and Loan one, if we had a view of the other side, we would know for sure.


Level 3

thanks for the info


Level 7

There tokens. At one ooint they actually were slabed. That i coundnt tell you what happend. It wasnt a hit unless you were hungry. Most stores and bussiness have them.


Level 5

My first choice is to search EBAY for people selling them. So much is on EBAY these days. Then I search online for them if there is enough information on the actual token. I would think they qualify as tokens for sure. I am sure some of the members on this site will have better information for you. I don't know what specific books or literature involves these tokens, but I am sure they are out there somewhere.

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