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10 May 2018

South Korean Coin Database

Coins-World | Mark Lovmo

I have completed my South Korean Coin Database, a compendium of data on every one of  South Korea's circulation coins, eighteen in total.

It is here:

I have written about these coins before in narrative format at my main page, but it seems that many people are just looking for quick facts about world coins in this  kind of "database" format.    I just finished adding the "Hwan" coins at the top of the page, these being South Korea's very first circulation coins, and that were made at the Philadelphia Mint.   




Level 3

Thanks for the great info being Korean myself I find the info very helpful thanks again.


Level 6

Lots of info, lots of work. Thanks for doing this. Valuable resource


Level 6

Very impressive web-site! Keep up the good work!


Level 6

Great work.. Your web site is amazing. Thanks again!!


Level 6

Good luck with your project.


Level 7

Thank you for you work and informing us of your countries coinage. You must understand that the friends and followers you have get this information. It says so and so has a new blog then we go to it to read and comment. Unfortunately for collectors like myself and yourself some people don't care. That's a problem. They join to learn find out they have to do some reading and writing and learning and can't be bothered anymore. Those people I don't bother with. Unless they get involved there's nothing anyone can do. I look at it this way it's there loss not ours. Thanks again and keep writing asking questions . Mike.

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