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28 Jun 2019

Another outstanding sale of rare and Choice United States and Foreign Monies 1953 Book Review

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Let me start off by saying this is a great book for anybody interested in coins. It features the prices of American and Foreign currency in 1953. The price changes from then to now are amazing. I have to say if I went back in time with the money I have now I would be able to purchase a lot more than I can in today’s age. The book is well organized and is written so it is Esau to understand what prices are for which coin. It amazes me when I saw that the most expensive half dollar listed in the book was only $110 in five pages of the listed coins. It is listed from lowest to highest denomination, so it is easy to find the coins you are looking for. The official title is for people with long winded breaths, but the title has no matter to the quality of the book. “America’s Laeding Coin Auctioneers Offer Another Outstanding Sale ( 157 th Mail Bid Auction) of Rare and Choice United States and Foreign Monies To be Sold June 26th 1953” is definitely a good book and a must read for coin collectors.



Level 6

Thanks for a good review! Always appreciate it ; )

Prodigy Coins

Level 4

Sounds like a good read.

sounds interesting. thanks

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