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20 Dec 2020

Goertz Daler Variety 11: 1715 Cronan - Curved and Flat Crown

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Another variety has been found to add to my growing list. It is hard to believe I have already found eleven varieties, and I am still finding more. I am very excited to see where this journey takes me, and I hope you are all enjoying it as well. This variety occurs on the obverse of the 1715 Cronan Goertz daler, specifically the crown itself. I have discussed another variety in a previous blog that occurred on the crown of the Cronan Goertz daler, the Extra Jewels Crown, so I am curious to see if this newly discovered variety occurs along with the Extra Jewels variety.

When observing the crown on the Cronan daler for this variety, we will be looking at the lower ellipses that make up the actual crown part. You could call it the headband for simplicity. The jewels making up the crown or the decoration above the headband will not be considered for this variety, as it is mostly about shape, not ornamentation. Using the attached images as reference, you might be able to tell what I am writing about with assumption, as it is somewhat obvious when images have a side-by-side comparison. On one piece, the ellipses that make up the headband have a distinct curve that gives them their elliptical shape, while on the other piece, the ellipses are almost flattened to the point that the top curve is almost straight, thus causing the ellipses to lose their notable eccentricity. I have decided to name the more eccentric headband the “Curved Crown” and the flatter variety the “Flat Crown,” for obvious reasons.

I have only found the Extra Jewels variety to be on the Curved Crown, so I am not sure if the Extra Jewels variety occurs on the Flat Crown or not. I will definitely be on the lookout to see if the varieties overlap. I would guess more than likely no, for the engraver would have to have made a separate die that was both flat and with extra jewels, so I would consider it unlikely. Nonetheless, I will still be on the lookout for varieties within varieties, and I might make another blog denoting that if I find a Flat Crown variety that has extra jewels. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed. As always, I can always answer any questions you may have regarding these varieties or the Goertz dalers through the Message Center or a comment, so feel free to ask away if you have something you would like to know. Stay safe out there.

-Gabe, a.k.a. Oobie



Level 5

Your passion for this really shows. Keep it up.


Level 6

I agree with everyone, it's time you write a book. Good luck and thanks.


Level 6

You just keep on truckin! Nice addition. I.R. Bama has it right . A lot of great info on this site.

Interesting, I agree with I.R. Bama, a book is in the future!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

When are you going to take all of these blogs and write a book? Seems like there has been enough material here and then there is always room for another volume or two. Great work here!


Level 5

Very nice information. I want to start collecting these now ! Going to miss your posts once you find all the varieties! The varieties may be never ending? Really interesting area. thanks


Level 5

Nice, if there isn't a definitive book out there on these varieties you might want to consider writing one, or at least a pamphlet. Think about it.


Level 6

Another cool find! I am wondering too...Are these all recognized finds or "new" varieties?


Level 5

Nice! So all these varieties that you have found aren't recorded or officially recognized?


Level 7

Great write up. Do they have a book on these varities? I would love to see t?when all. Great collection and explanation . Thanks. Keep them comong!!

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