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17 Sep 2022

2022 YN Online Auction Success – Part One

Young Numismatists Exchange | BC^3

This is a 'quick' rundown of my experience at this year's YN ANA auction. Let me just thank Sam for setting it up and all the other YN's; y'all were awesome!

I'm going to start this off by saying no matter what you do, you aren't going to win every coin. So, you should decide how much each lot is worth to you and don't be too disappointed when you lose, because every bid you lose is less $YN dollars for others and more $YN dollars for you next time.

In total I won 7 lots, but there were still a few coins that I had to give up on. I'll list each lot in order of from first to last:

1. The first lot I won was #4 a 1935-D Lincoln Wheat Cent (in brilliant uncirculated). My original maximum bid was $100YN but since I had lost a previous bid I had extra to spend on this one, so I went up to $150.

2. The next lot I won was lot #22, an 1881-S Morgan Dollar (also brilliant uncirculated). Now I may have gone a smidgen over budget on this one since my original maximum was $200YN, but I ended up getting it for $550YN.

3. The third lot I won was #32 (this one I was super stoked for) which is a waffled $0.25 blank that my original maximum was $100YN, but I went up to $265YN. I know this makes it sound like I can't budget at all but consider the YN$ I saved from losing other bids and it evens out.

4. Lot #35 is a 1997 six-coin elongated set. I got it for under my maximum for $65YN.

5. Lot #49 is a 1942-S Netherlands East Indies 1/10 Gulden (uncirculated). This coin being in the auction was great since I've recently started collecting coins from the Netherlands and its colonies. I got it for once again under my maximum at $180YN.

6. Lot #78 I kind of got by accident. This was a bit of a mistake since I was trying to raise the bidding prices so that the people with tons of YN$ would spend more, leaving everyone else more of a chance at the other lots, but I overestimated the amount this 1991-S graded was worth. It's all good, though, as it's a nice coin for an Ultra cameo PF-69 Quarter.

7. The last lot I won was lot #83 a 1967 Kennedy half-dollar SMS graded at 66 Cameo for $510YN. Was it worth it? Really that's the closest to a proof that you'll get for that year since there weren't any proof sets.

Part Two I'll explain how I got the $1820YN dollars I spent this year, and how you can get them yourself for next year's auction. Stay tuned.


Nice auction wins!


Level 6

Sounds like you had a great time! You won a ton of cool stuff! Good for you! ; )


Level 7

Follow some back and you can message each other with questions about coins and collecting!!

AC coin$

Level 6

Welcome to ANA World we are here to learn and help .


Level 6

Nice haul. You did well. I have one of those "waffled" quarters. They are very cool in hand. Mine iis even graded by NGC. No kidding. Thanks.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Wow, a gread auction indeed. Thanks for sharing your experiences and am looking forward to part 2.


Level 4

It looks like you did very well. Curious what makes Netherlands interesting to you and also what class you took while attending the summer seminar and your experience there. Though maybe it is in an older blog so I will look.


Level 3

The main reasons I enjoy coins from the Netherlands is its history which is fascinating and I would recommend looking into it and the Netherlands had quite a few events that led to unusual coinage: sieges, colonies, etc. I actually haven't been to the summer seminar, I mainly did E-learning talks (I also listened to some talks at the World's coin fair).


Level 7

Looks like you cleaned up!!I know how you received your money. You deserved it Congratulations!!


Level 4

Congrats on picking up these beautiful coins. Of particular the Morgan and the 67 JFK Half. Can totally understand the desire to bid higher on certain coins. And like you said, you win some, you lose some, but the wins can be exciting, and make nice additions to your collection.


Level 4

Great job! Must have been a really great time!!

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