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23 Sep 2022

2022 YN Online Auction Success – Part Two

Young Numismatists Exchange | BC^3


I would like to thank the people who donated to the Annual YN Auction. The auction can cause people to discover things they would otherwise never even know about, maybe even create a passion about new topics. As this blog will show the auction motivates me year-round in collecting.

This will be about the optimal way (in my opinion) to earn and manage YN$. The most important step is setting realistic goals (you aren't going to get 10,000 in a year) and starting the goal early (I set my goal for this year directly after the Annual auction ended). The second most important thing is having a way to check and manage your goal throughout the year. When I missed a week of earning, I was able to recover by adding slightly more to later weeks.

I set a goal of $2,000YN because after the last auction I wanted to be able to afford any coin (other than the gold). I managed my goal using a free spread sheet online, it allowed me to graph my progress visually. I love charts!

The main categories I earned my YN$ were E-learning talks and visits to coin shows. In total I watched 33 E-learning talks over the year (which is less than one a week/ max is four a week) for a total of $825YN. There are over a hundred talks available through the ANA YouTube channel, which is how I was able to watch so many (it helped that they were interesting, and my parental unit enjoy watching them as well).

The second major way I earned was visiting coin clubs and shows and by attending the youth recruitment seminar at the shows. Additionally, I was able to attend the 2 major ANA shows of that year (World's Fair of Money and the National Money Show). The total I earned from shows was $420YN.

The third way I earned YN$ was through visiting mint sites and museums. My grandma lives in Colorado Springs so I was able to visit the ANA Money Museum in person, but luckily for places shut down by Covid I was able to visit online (for half the normal YN$).

Finally make sure to be on the lookout for onetime events such as subscribing to newsletters, National Coin Week, Birthdays and the participating in the Annual Auction. You can find these by going to 'How to earn and spend YN dollars' on the website.

Of course, for this year I will began writing more blogs (max two per week). For each blog that is over 440 words and gets approved by Sam earns $25YN. Good luck keeping up...



Level 5

Wow! Nice wins.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Very good information, I only wish I was a YN not a SN. (:

AC coin$

Level 6

Wonderful chance you got to acquire excellent items for your collection and arks. YN auctions bring many opportunities to all. Best regards.


Level 6

Great job! It sounds like you have this figured out! Good for you! Make lots of point for next year! ; )

Long Beard

Level 5

For the very reasons you've highlight is why I opt for the annual membership rather than a lifetime. I could simply make donations, which I have done occasionally over the many years, yet the annual expense insures my financial contributions. In short, the young collectors ensure that our hobby continues to not only thrive and grow but to educate as well. Those such as yourself do so to us seasoned collectors more often than you truly realize. So thank you for unknowingly educated this old guy.


Level 6

A plan. Stick to the plan. I like a guy with a plan. Good work. I hope you are absorbing some of that knowledge. Thanks.


Level 7

That's the way you do it. I'm glad you guys did well. Some donate other things besides coins. Things that Sam can get from the donation for your auction! Congratulations!!


Level 4

That’s great information, and I enjoyed hearing about your experiences and growth in numismatics! Some nice coins in the pics. I take it those were wins?


Level 3

Yep, these are my wins, for more about them you can go to part 1 :). I had hoped to put up my spreadsheet but unfortunately I wasn't able to. The blog site isn't allowing me to upload any jpegs. Even ones I was albe to upload before. So I had to use the one already stored in the blog.

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