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07 Dec 2020

Waiting for the US Mint Silver Eagle V75 Privy

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On November 5th, 2020 early in the morning I, like many others, was on the US Mint web site waiting for the release of two special, limited edition, gold and silver America eagle proof coins. Because they have a mintage of only 1,945 for the gold coin and 75,000 for the silver coin, they sold out in minutes. They are extra special because they honor the 75th anniversary of the ending of World War II with a V75 privy mark.

The mint web site crashes easily under heavy loads at the worst times. I had the gold eagle in my cart but got the "opps... sorry something went wrong" message over and over until it sold out. Then I tried for the silver eagle, and I got to the checkout, then -bam - "opps something went wrong". After 15 tries and 20 minutes, I finally got it. It helped that I only logged on with one computer, so I didn't have to verify I was a real person. Two weeks later my coin arrived in the mail. Now, what should I do? Should I grade it or keep it ungraded?

Update: 12/15/2020

After watching the PCGS Grading 102 video on proof and special coin grading, I learned what it takes to get a PR 69 or PR 70 on modern proof coin. It’s at about 27 minutes into the 1 hour video, where the narrator says that PR 69 vs PR 70 is any lint mark, spot, or discoloring on the coin visible at 5X magnification.

I looked at my coin with 10X magnification very closely and don’t see any problems. Certainly will not get lower than PR 69 at worst. But I wanted to get a feel of how many PR 70 vs PR 69 the US Mint was producing according to the PCGS and NGC grading services.

PCGS has all the V75 statistics all in one place / row, but NGC data requires that you add in all the different special labels. And there are a lot of them. I did my best to get the best numbers from Dec. 14th off the websites.


PR 66: 5 67: 4 68: 14 69: 1282 70: 4036


PR 66: 2 67: 7 68: 11 69: 1442 70: 5335

So the percentage of PR 69 vs 70 at PCGS is highest, but still low at 24.1%, while NGC is lower at 17.6%.

So far 11,338 of the 75,000 have been sent in for grading at the two services. I think I’ll risk sending mine in!



Level 5

Great job on getting one. Time will tell how high it goes and how long it takes for the price to drop back to reasonable.


Level 6

Its a beauty! Those words sound familiar... " Opps... Something went wrong..." I think alot of us saw that on our screen. haha ; )


Level 3

Thank you for your feedback. I plan on keeping it so I will probably submit it to NGC soon.


Level 5

They really need to do something about their website. If you are certain it is a 70, I would recommend grading it. But don't feel any pressure, you can always get it graded in the future


Level 5

I would get it graded if you think it is MS-70


Level 5

Nice work getting it purchased! Quite the achievement. If it was me, I would send it in, but you analyze the pros and cons. Keep us posted. Cheers, NM


Level 5

If it is a coin you are keeping I personally would have it graded. It you are selling it, coin toss, after having it graded can you get enough from the sale to be worth the cost of TPG? This ultimately is your call, I had mine graded, but I'm keeping it. Good luck either way, congratulations on being one of the "Lucky" few and please let us know if you do have it graded, how it comes out. Later!


Level 6

Hope you get it soon.

walking liberty

Level 4

wish i got one

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Glad that you were able to get the Silver, too bad about the Gold. This is a terrible problem the mint is having.


Level 7

Nub I have noticed many are not being sent in. . The prices have dropped.allot. I think there I might be something wrong it's a beauty but the EBay sellers are selling more raw that gradred. Wise information 64580. Keep it raw!! Great giing. Thanks for the picture!


Level 5

I have an ungraded one. Will keep it like it is. Been watching the prices on ebay. The selling prices seem to be going down a little. Time will tell. 75,000 pieces is still quite a lot. The 2019-S enhanced goes for around 2k in ms70 and 1k in ms69. 30k mintage.

If you plan on selling it, I would leave it ungraded, the 69 prices are falling but if your coin gets a 70 it would do well in the market. If you are keeping it for yourself, I would get it graded that way it is in a better holder. I guess either way you could grade it, just know that if you plan on selling it, sell before the bubble bursts.

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