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06 Oct 2020


| anchor_precious_metals

Introduction post...

I've been collecting coins and currency for 30+ years now. My Grandmother got me started when I was a child going through penny rolls to fill Whitman Folders just to keep her grandchildren busy. Out of my brother and sisters, I was the only one who got the coin bug and kept on collecting. She noticed how I had taken an interest in it and gave me one of her 1909 VDB wheat pennies. Of course, at the time, I was thrilled with the gift and kept it close to heart. All these years later, I still have Nana's penny and I keep it on my desk as a reminder of her and where it all started.

My current obsession is Pre-33 Gold coins. I have gathered a nice array of about 24 coins in just over a year and a half and am currently upgrading 20 of them instead of purchasing more (kind of quality, not quantity thing). The other 4 belonged to my Grandfather, which he was given after he graduated high school in 1929. He kept them all his life and placed them in a picture frame that held his diploma. That frame eventually made it to me and I removed the coins and sent them off for grading at PCGS. I intend to keep those coins separate from my collection and pass those along when the time is right.

I appreciate you all taking the time to read my post and I look forward to posting more about my collection here as time goes on. I'll leave you all with a link to my PCGS Set Registry for your viewing pleasure.




Level 5

Gold coins. Wow - being a YN I can only wait to pursue such a collection. My grandpa got me interested in Lincoln Cents as he viewed them with his scope.


Level 6

Welcome to a wonderful website. Lots of great people and information going on here! I really enjoyed your blog ; ) My Grandpa got me started in coin collecting when I was a kid along time ago... haha Beautiful Registry Set!!!

Thanks so much...


Level 6

Very nice to hear how you got hooked. I was gifted Morgan's from my Grandpa. I am having trouble viewing your registry set. Your link doesn't take me there. Thanks and welcome.


Level 6

The are fantastic. Thanks.

Thanks for the heads up... I figured out the problem. I was logged into my account so the link worked for me. I have updated it so it should work now.

Long Beard

Level 5

I thoroughly enjoy reading posts which add a touch of reminiscence. Like yourself, I've been at this for forty plus years and enjoy the "treasures" acquired in as much time.

Thank you... I just did a post on a 1908 $5 coin I bought a few weeks ago.

Welcome! With a start like that in numismatics, it is hard to stray away from the hobby. With your 30 years of experience, I'm excited fro what you have to teach.

I was a closet collector for a long time and just grabbed what naturally came my way. I am way more focused now and actively hunt down things I want and am learning every day.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Welcome Ian, so glad to have another voice to add to our multitude. Thanks for sharing and please let us know more about your collection.

I made a Collection post last night. I'll work on some other writeups in the coming days.

Rock Hound

Level 4

Awesome backstory and collection while you are here you can expand your numismatic knowledge.

Looking forward to it. This site seems to have an endless supply of resources.


Level 7

Welcome to the ANA. I have been collecting 27 years. Im still learning from this site. You will also. Enjoy

Thanks!!! I think I've barely scratched the surface of what this site provides.


Level 3

Welcome! I also started collecting because of a grandparent, hope to hear more from you soon! :)

I'm definitely going to post more here, its a pretty cool platform.


Level 5

Greetings! I myself love VDBs and am getting a BU one today.

Nice!!! I need to venture out to other coins besides US Gold, a BU VDB would be pretty cool.


Level 6

Welcome to the site. Looking forward in reading more from you.

Thanks so much for checking out my first post...

I. R. Bama

Level 5

It's always really nice to hear the family stories on how we got started. Please do show us those special gold coins!

I just made a Collection post on here, it's a coin from The Fairmont Collection.


Level 5

Always loving a 1909 VDB. Nice Blog!

Thanks for the comment... I'm looking forward to sharing here.


Level 5

Aww, that frickin awesome! I had a similar startup story... Maybe I'll write a blog on that.... Anyway, gluck on continuing your collection! Cheers, NM

Thanks for the comment!!! Totally new here on this platform so I'm just getting used to everything.


Level 5

A 1909 vdb from your grandmother is a nice memory and gift. My grandfather saved change for me. Gold coins is a nice area. I only have 1, 5 dollar liberty gold coin. Keep us posted on your progress.

My Nana had a coin collection of her own, I never saw it and it now belongs to my uncle. On my next trip to see him, I'll take a look to see what treasures she squirreled away. Thanks for checking out my post...

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