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08 Oct 2020

Why a 1910 $2 1/2 Indian?

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Why have an improperly cleaned, polished, and probably ex jewelry coin for one's collection?

That's a very good question...

My Grandfather was born on July 21, 1910. He was the third of four children of immigrants from Armenia. My great grandparents came over to America in 1907 on the RMS Adriatic and were processed through Ellis Island. My Grandfather was born a few years later and eventually served in the US Navy. During his time in the military, he accomplished many amazing things. One of which is being the first person to land and take off from the Greenland icecap.

Now, the story goes that Bernt Balchen and his crew took off in their B-17 to do some polar exploring and got stranded on an icecap in Greenland. My Grandfather was the pilot of the rescue mission that was assigned to go get Bernt and the crew. He flew over the site where the folks were stranded and dropped supplies until an appropriate landing area could be found. Eventually, he found a lake that had been frozen over and Granddad was able to land, recover the crew, and take off.

Now for many years, we all thought that was the end of the story. Some folks who know of Bernt Balchen know that he painted watercolor. Towards the end of Granddad's life, he was telling the story of the rescue and mentioned that Bernt had told my grandfather to leave him there for a night so he could paint. Granddad, being a lieutenant at that time, he could just say "Yes Sir" and left the Army Colonel there for the night.

The next day, Granddad took off to retrieve Bernt. After Bernt was picked up, they took off and made a 180 to head back to base. As they flew over the lake that was the recovery landing area, they noticed how the water had begun to drain and the ice cracking. Talk about last minute...

I bought this old coin from his birthyear as a reminder of him. I'm going to sell it and upgrade to another 1910, just in better condition. If you want to read a little more about my Grandfather I'll leave a link here...



Level 6

What a wonderful story and beautiful coin! Good luck with your upgrade ; )

Long Beard

Level 5

A large percentage of collectors dub the Double Eagle as Saint-Gaudens masterpiece. Of my personal opinion, the incuse Indian designs create a strong argument to the statement.

It's Mokie

Level 6

What a fantastic story, and a great way to remind yourself of your Grandfather's bravery and skill. Maybe upgrade but keep the coin with a bit of honest original wear just because.


Level 4

Amazing story! I love reading family stories and how numismatists honor those family members in their collection. The coin is a wonderful way to represent his life and accomplishments.


Level 6

Wow! That is an amazing man. I enjoyed reading your link. I just a day ago watched a show on the "Greenland" Bermuda Triangle. I have a "problem" gold one dollar coin and love it. I think you have got me started on a special date coin search. Thanks, great blog.


Level 5

Great story. Thanks for sharing. I have coins in collection that are only there for personal, non-numismatic, reasons.


Level 5

Your grandfather was a great man. What a long good life he had. Having a coin of the year he was born to honor him is nice. We should all honor of past relatives, an remember them. We should all do something in the name of a past relative to have part of them live on. Great story.


Level 5

Very interesting story APM ! I also love reading posts like this. As previously mentioned, I think it's why we all collect coins and numismatic articles. I know that I personally have several coins that relate to my family history as well. Thanks for the well written post and good luck in your future endeavors !


Level 7

Great story be proud of your grandad.. And a beautiful coin.


Level 5

That is so awesome! As Many of us have stated again and again, one of the reasons we love this hobby is the history behind/with each coin or medal. You have a solid link to your Grandfather and history....all told in a coin! Don't get no better than that, "Nuff Said". Later!

Wow! I can't believe your grandfather did that, and what a close call that was. You must be very proud. i think a coin like this is an excellent way to pay homage to him.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Thanks for sharing your story about your family history and this coin. I always enjoy reading these kinds of stories linked with a coin in someone's collection. Coins are history in the broader sense, but in family history too.


Level 5

Interesting... I love the coin for the history behind it, Keep up the good work! Cheers, NM

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