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25 Jun 2018

1911 weak D

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I bought a 1911 $2 1/2 gold coin.  It is a detail coin but looks like a weak D; very weak.  PCGS refused to recheck it, which surprised me (I thought they had a guarantee).  It is "Cleaned-UNC Detail".  I think I might send it to NGC.  Comments?


That is a shame, especially on such an odd denomination.


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Hey, I forgot to ask you... Did you ever finish the 1921 US Set that you we're working on in 2015?


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It seems like you are hoping for a D strike...that would make it worth alot more money. Even if it's specified cleaned on the label, PCGS would have designated it a 1911 "D" if that's what it is. If we could see a picture of the coin that would be helpful.


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Once the coin is cleaned, it's over, usually. A while back, maybe 50+ years ago, it was O.K. to clean coins.. That was the style of the time so to speak. To me, and I'm probably wrong, that means most of our old coins have been cleaned but it is ignored by graders? Maybe someone can explain this to me. Back to your coin. I've bought so called problem coins as they allow me to get into a type I normally couldn't afford. I do it with my eyes open. I wouldn't resubmit that coin for anything. Not sure what you are trying to do..


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I agree with Mike. If it's cleaned, that's it.


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You would get the same result. I have written blogs about dealers and sellers and owners cleaning coins. All you have there is the price of gold. I'm sorry to say that it's been destroyed. I would sell it for melt. The value of that coin is gone. If you send in a coin 200 years old they can tell there is know fooling them. That label we call the label of death. I'm so sorry for you. Guarantee is no good on cleaned coins. Don't waste more money sending it to NGC. You try to get it out of the holder you will damage the coin more. If you send it to NGC they will charge you to take it out of the holder plus get the same results maybe worse. Another piece of our history destroyed. There are people who buy these I don't know why maybe because there so cheep. Try that. Good luck and I'm sorry. Mike

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