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25 Jun 2019

cleaned, scratched?

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Is anyone else upset by what NGC and PCGS are doing? Perfectly fine coins are given bad grades like cleaned or scratched. I don't see any cleaning many times. And a scratch; is it microscopic?
What do you think people; should we take them out of their holders?
Also I've seen poor grading - what's with these companies? This stuff is important to alot of us.



Level 7

You won't see the cleaning. With there equipment they can. Scratches called hair line scratches you will see if you hold it up to the light and move it back and forth. This indicates cleaning.also. They have more computers and High grade microscopes. You will not see any of this . That's why it takes studying and reading and classes. And it will still take you years. The only thing I can suggest is but MS 70 coins or Proof 70. They don't guess. Make sure you buy quality coins. It's very hard.

Prodigy Coins

Level 4

Grading is a difficult thing to do.


Level 7

Grading is not easy. Have you read books or taken classes on it. It would help you better understand what it takes. I worked on grading for twenty years. I'm close but still not there.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Grading is such a subjective thing that it is hard to make judgements without seeing specific examples of the coins that you are concerned about. In my experience, and this is only me talking, I can see zero difference between a 69 and 70 coin, so I guess that would be my grading pet peeve.

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