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09 Jan 2022

Go to coin shows

Coin Shows | xaviera

I have always enjoyed going to coin shows sometimes you see old coins. There are so many unique coins I've never seen before, you get to see what other collectors have and what they enjoy collecting whether it's ancient coins, silver coins, or foreign coins it's always interesting to learn more about coins and be familiar with all coins. If you want to learn about coins and hear about a coin show try and go, they are informative and teach you a lot.



Level 5

I love coin shows. I can really learn a lot. It’s nice to be able to talk to dealers and look at a variety of coins.


Level 6

Coin shows are the best! ; )

I've been to 2. They are super fun!

AC coin$

Level 6

I agree with you all. Nice advice, sometimes you want to see more but the show is over. At times one wishes to buy more than expected. Welcome to the best collecting and knowledge place for many decades filled with great coin experts.

It's Mokie

Level 6

There is no doubt that every collector needs to attend a show, the bigger the better. I plan on attending two small shows in February and then the big PAN show in May. I cannot wait.


Level 7

Its on my bucket list. But because of problems I have physically I can't go far. Some day. Thanks and keep going!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Hope you keep going to coin shows!


Level 5

Here in Pennsylvania we are lucky to have a lot of coin shows to attend. Might be going to a coin show soon, this month. Good advice. Although you will see plenty U.S coinage, there are also the unusual numismatic items, you may of never seen before.

Long Beard

Level 5

Absolutely true. And also highly addictive. I always seem to leave with something odd and unusual that was unintentional before hand.


Level 6

In person coin shows are the best.

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