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05 Jun 2020

I want to go to one

Money Museum | xaviera

I hope I will get to go to one soon but maybe not.



Level 6

Try the online sites. At least you'll get an idea of the exhibits.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

The Smithsonian has a nice display. It's in Washington D.C.

It's Mokie

Level 6

If you can't make it to Colorado, or one of the Mints, a coin show is kind of like a traveling museum. Most larger shows have an exhibit area and each table on the bourse has its own treasures for you to view. Shows will be returning, consider finding one in your neck of the woods.


Level 4

Yah my brother went to the museum in Colorado he also showed us the virtual exhibit.


Level 4

The ANA museum is an amazing experience. For now, you can view the virtual exhibit, but I would make it a priority to try and go sometime.


Level 5

Visiting any museum with a money exhibit is really nice. Also visiting the mint is a great experience. Maybe start with a coin show, and see all the coins being offered by dealers. A coin show is a museum of coins also.


Level 7

By all means take a look


Level 6

Virtual visit is great. Check it out.

If you are referring to the ANA run money museum, then you can actually visit it virtually on this website

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