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11 Jan 2020

State Quarters

Coins | xaviera

My name is Xavier and I collect state quarters. I like state quarters because they are unique and I can collect them for a long time. I go to the bank and get rolls of quarters and keep the state quarters in them. I have a collection of the state quarters. I have 2 books full of state quarters and almost another book full. I also have a pack with a proof state quarter, the same d and p state quarters. I have a jar of state quarters. I put my state quarters that don’t go in my books in it. I have over 200 state quarters in it. My goal for this year is to have $100 of state quarters in my jar. I have $50 in my jar right now. My favorite state quarter is Idaho. My favorite monument quarter is the Grand canyon. I have been collecting state quarters for a year. I buy state quarters from phils coins. I recently bought the proof set with the p and d quarters. I would like to find a w quarter some time. I would like to have a mint set also. I want to learn more about state quarters, about how coins are minted and about error state quarters. I want to learn what is the rarest quarter in the world. I want to go to a coin show soon and go to the coin shop soon so I can get cool state quarters. I also like standing liberty quarters because they are cool and old and they have silver in them. I have the 1927 d which is a key date standing liberty quarter. I also like bicentennial quarters. I like the double date on them. I have 3 of them right now, but I want more. I have never found a bicentennial in a roll. I just learned that 1964< are silver quarters. I don’t have a full book of monument quarters but I will soon. When I get a full monument quarter book I will sell it. And when I get another state quarter book I will sell it. Sometimes I will look through coin jars for state quarters. When I go to the store I sometimes get state quarters for change and I keep them. Sometimes I go to coin shows and I buy proof state quarters and other quarters. Also I get coins from buying them from other people like my brothers. I would also get to learn more about the ANA. I would like to get a lot of YN dollars for the YN auction. I really like coin collecting and have been doing it for 2 years. I hoped you liked my blog. Thanks for reading it!

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