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16 Jan 2020

Mistaken identity Slave Hire Badge in Standard Catalogue

Exonumia | user_66754

There is a case of mistaken identity in the Standard Catalog of Hard Times Tokens, at the bottom of page 113. On the left is an image of a Servant Tag "HT 500, SERVANT, 1811 in toothed rectangle ..." But the Diamond Shape tells us it can't be an 1811 or it would be rectangular with scalloped corners with a LAFAR hallmark on the reverse. The most readily identified 1811 SERVANT badge is from the Stack's Auction 1993 Lot No. 1167 of the John J. Ford Jr. Collection that had been damaged (with the badge number broken off with the bottom third of the badge). The badge on page 113 of the Standard Catalog is a John Mood SERVANT Badge 1841, (not 1811) as evidenced by the serrated border of the date which is referred to as the 'toothed rectangle' date. A Mood 1841 SERVANT would be: HT#500 R5. The Lafar 1811 SERVANT would be: HT#513 Rarity R6. Big difference.

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