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06 Mar 2020

Radford Stearns Memorial Exhibit Award

National Money Show | user_66754

Received the Radford Stearns Memorial Exhibit Award in Atlanta last week and wanted to know more about the Award. Who designed it? Where it was minted? More about Radford Stearns? I wasn't sure where to go to look for these answers. Is anyone else having trouble posting images to their blogs? Thanks



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Thank you for the redirection to the ANA official post. I'm currently trying to figure out how to post the picture.


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Any blog on WestPoint mint coins, this ismyfirst time here please direct me in using your site . Pat


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Research it. That's how we learn. I just wrote a blog and I spent three days doing research.. I found so much I had to cut it down. A picture would be nice. Congratulations.


Level 2

Thanks, I'm still working to figure out how to get the pictures posted.


Level 5

Congratulations. Looking forward to seeing pictures.


Level 2

Thanks, I'm still trying to figure out how to get the pictures posted.


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Congatulations. go to 3 Sept. 2008 here on our blogs. I just googled his name. No big deal. ANA Governor Radford Stearns Dies News | ANA Official Post | jfletcher https://www.money.org/ana-blog/Radford-Stearns-Dies


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Sad to read an obituary , but thanks for the redirection. I'm still interested in the design of the medal. Thanks. How to I add followers to my account?

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