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13 Mar 2020

Radford Stearns Memorial Exhibit Award

| user_66754

Continuing to learn how to add images and they are not lining up, but below is the Radford Stearns Memorial Award.The initials JI and LB are visible on the medal.On the reverse .999 FSGP Atlanta 2020


Long Beard

Level 5

Interesting. Medals themselves are beautiful in their own right. In time you'll get the hang of correct photo orientation.


Level 6

Nice looking medal.


Level 5

Nice award medal. Tells us more about it when you can. Thanks


Level 6

Still it's a beautiful award medal. Congrats..


Level 7

When we taken a pic. they have adjustments. One is to turn thanking it to The setting you want. But it till it sets right. You will find it. Like.everything I found mine by accident!!

It's Mokie

Level 6

I use my Iphone for most of the pictures I post. The App Store has several photo editors for free download, they can make it easy to both crop photos and change the orientation so they display better.

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